Why Do You Worship? (Part 2)

The first clue we have about the gods that Neb worships is that the worship is forced.

are other examples of forced worship throughout history, up to current
times. Countries have designated a state religion, and sometimes refuse
to allow their citizens to worship whom or what they chose.

there have been attempts to force Christianity itself upon individuals
and nations. To know that this is not what the God of the Bible
intended, one only needs to take some time to read what He has said.

Himself, when he is preparing to send His disciples out for the first
time, instructs them to go from town to town, and from house to house,
teaching and ministering. But He also says, "And if anyone will not
receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet
when you leave that house or town." (Matthew 10:14, ESV)

Why does Neb force worship upon his subjects? We’ll consider that next time.

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