Verbs of Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is the longest (by far) chapter in the Holy Bible. It isn’t one that I have spent much time in until recently. I began a daily reading of the Psalms about (119/30) months ago and finally reached this chapter.

It is unique in that nearly every one of its 176 verses is an acknowledgment of the great worth of the word of God.

I tend to avoid “reading plans” of Scripture. This is not because I think they are wrong. It is because I know myself and the great risk that I will get mechanical about reading it and just looking to “check off” a passage. I try to identify ways to encourage meditation and simple recognition of the content. James 1 warns us of being like the man who looks in the mirror and goes away ignoring what he saw that needed to be addressed. The word of God is going to show us our bedhead and dirty face and we best not fool ourselves into thinking that just because the words have hit our eyes, we have accomplished anything.

So as I read Psalm 119 I was struck by the fact that, in conjunction with David’s statement about God’s law there is usually a verb that characterizes how David is interacting with it. There are *so many* of these: “I keep Your law”, “I love Your law”, “I delight in Your law”, etc. I began to wonder what words he used and decided to catalog them.

The result is here. Note that this is not a list of every verb in Psalm 119. My focus in this case was just on how David interacted with the word. Not even how God responded to David’s interaction, although that is of great importance. Spoiler alert: I found 44! 44 unique ways that we, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are challenged to interact with God’s word. I hope you find it useful and that you don’t take my word for it.:)


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