Team Crossword

May be played with any number and size of teams (2 or more)
Display an unsolved crossword puzzle with no hints.
Step 1: take turns (alternating between the two teams) allowing each team member to guess ONLY one letter

Alternate step 1 (if there are too many or too few people for the letter-guessing to be a fair start): alternate between teams for a set number of starting letters

2. After each team/team member has guessed a letter, continue alternating with hints (selected randomly; hints will repeat until guessed)

3. When no teams correctly guess a missing word in a round, allow each team to add one additional letter

4. Words might be solved hangman-style before they have been associated with the correct hint. Determine case-by-case whether to give credit at that point, or to wait until the corresponding hint is correctly answered.

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