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I’ve been on a new PocketMod kick in the last few days. (If you haven’t heard of PocketMod, you can check out the original site, which is getting a new lease on life via Kickstarter, at, or of course just do searches.)

What got me back on that was thinking about bookmarks. I read a lot. I started thinking about how to improve the standard bookmark to facilitate note taking. After fishing around – – there are some interesting ideas out there — I had the idea of creating a PocketMod for that purpose.

The idea is to create a PocketMod for every book I read. My thought was to use them for a variety of purposes. I re-read a lot, too, and I thought it might be useful to include on the pocketmod a way to record when I read the book – a la Goodreads, but a little more personal.

My original motivation was as a replacement for keeping track of memorable info and quotes in, say, the cover of the book. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I also like sharing books occasionally – unless it is one I foresee re-reading. So I wanted a way to keep that sort of info without necessarily marking up any given book.

I came up with the following. The jury’s still out on whether it is a good idea. I am trying it out on a couple of books I’m reading right now. I thought I’d go ahead and share what I have. If anyone has done or knows of anyone who has done something similar, I am interested in seeing it.

My layout has a page for the title, author and reading record, then pages for stuff to research further, and pages for stuff just worth remembering (quotes, etc.). The “research” and “remember” pages are just simple two-column tables. The first is a narrow column for the page number.

Pretty basic. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Bookmark PocketMod

  1. Melli B says:

    First of all, thanks for including me in this amazing list of family “Readers”.
    Secondly, Wow!
    So many times I’ve attempted to start a notebook with a Table of Contents page which included the title of the Book/article, notes from church,etc. I would, with great gusto and well-meaning intentions start taking notes from said resources, only to fizzle out and loose my discipline. It was tedious.
    This PicketMod May be useful, if I don’t stick it in a purse, backpack or my jeans pocket, thus, ending up in the washing machine. 🤭
    Question…forgive me if I skimmed over your info on this, but how does one store such PicketMods in a convenient way that makes it easy to locate them in the future, without having to go through each one? Do you color code or sticker code them?

    • Drawer. 😀
      Good question. Since the book’s identified, it *would* have to be a desk drawer or something, and I’d just have a practice of alphabetizing by title and/or genre. And since they’re paper, eventually a bookmark would have to be retired; but it should still keep as a reference for a long time.

      • zanylikeme says:

        Ah. Perhaps for the overly organized person, they could use a index card box of sorts, and set that in the drawer. That would be easier to catalog, at least.
        I’m sure there’s all kinds of creative ways. 😁Btw, I perused your site, and found your posts to be quite entertaining!

  2. Alyson says:

    Never heard of PocketMods before now – cool! I’ve been trying to find a good way to annotate/organize thoughts when reading my Book Club books (since they’re often from the library or borrowed), and this seems like an effective system. Also, with regard to bookmarks serving additional functions… there was one particular fantasy series that I read a while back which had SO. MANY. CHARACTERS. Had to keep track of who was who with a notecard/bookmark.

    • It isn’t perfect, but it works. One note about the layout of this one which is a little unusual for PocketMods: the identification page (book title, author etc.) isn’t the front page, since the main purpose of the bookmark is for taking notes. So if you print it out and fold it according to the standard PM directions, don’t be thrown by that.

      I am not crazy about how printer paper takes ink from a pen. But that is a minor complaint.

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